• "Home, a place to live, are essential conditions for physical survival and the first reference point for both the individual and the social identification of any living being. Home is the most perfect expression of the Self"

    Oliver Marc

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Project’s principles

  • Moca’s constructions are self-buildable through the use of minimal equipment. Their lightness and small size favour a rapid handling of the materials. Assembling is made easy even for non-skilled labour thanks to the modularity of the materials which minimises the number of connections.

  • Self-building keeps down the construction costs as the adoption of natural materials allows the achievement of both high-quality and low-cost buildings. Furthermore, on-site costs have a very low impact on the overall construction’s budget as the biggest value for money comes from the employment of non-skilled labour together with the local availability of construction materials.

  • The material for the construction of the modules is easily available. Plus it is recycled, recyclable with low incorporated energy and has a high durability. The variety of the raw construction materials also entails a high level of flexibility for the project so that the modules can be built at any latitude.

  • Our basic offer is a non-customizable “self-building kit” of a small size housing module. Its short construction time and low building costs have already been tested. The goal of our experimentation is to create a product of high energy and environmental sustainability together with a competitive level of internal comfort.

How it works

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  • Moca at the Fuorisalone

    MOCA al fuorisalone 2015

    MOCA will be presenting a temporary installation at the Fuori Salone del Mobile at Cascina Cuccagna from April 14 to May 3, 2015. An opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and have fun. Come and visit us!

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