Moca Zip

The research project has focused on the development of a prototype of “mini eco-residence” which is also self-sustainable. The project is inspired by three factors: efficiency,   eco-sustainability, compactness.

The mini-residence is designed to host either one person or a couple and it has within a reduced space all types of comforts. It is divided into two floors of which one is a loft where the sleeping area is located.

MOCA’s building technique allows to optimise the building costs as well as maintaining a high efficiency.  The manufacture and transformation of the wood, typical of this type of technique, is in fact much more energy-efficient compared to other construction materials. The wood allows the highest degree of prefabrication, thanks to its rapid dry assembly resulting in lower funding and transportation costs.

Furthermore, the combination of structural wooden portal and infill panel, allows to shape the thickness of the insulating material according to the latitude in which the house is inserted, making it suitable and compatible to all types of weather.

Hence, this is an environmentally friendly "eco- retreat" consisting of sustainable, ecological and locally available materials.

The "mini home" is easily achievable, easy to transport and can act as a vacation home, studio, office, guest cottage or refuge for solitary people!

Prototype of a mini ecological and sustainable house

compatible to all latitudes

20 mq


8000 euro (trim and fittings excluded)