Experimentation: construction site in Sarteano

In Sarteano (SI) MOCA has developed and verified in the field the structure’s behaviour that characterises the entire test.

The MOCA’s portal has been assembled through easy operations which can be easily replicated by non-skilled labour through the so-called “dry” technology.

The intention was to show that by using simple scaffolding’s planks used in construction sites and by applying simple cuts with the help of templates, it is possible to obtain a large number of frameworks.

The analysis of simple construction practices-carefully studied-has led to the easy erection of the building, whilst avoiding material waste and reducing instances of bad carpentry.

The portals can be assembled indoors and transported manually by only two people where the new structure will be built. The limited use of heavy machinery allows us to conceive the house in a new perspective where the construction’s costs are greatly diminished.

Assembling of point elements for the construction of the portal

Sarteano, Siena

July 2014

Moca Group in collaboration with Martin Steiger