Tu Cuna started as a collaboration of the MOCA group with the engineer Stefano Pompei within the project of International Civil Service.

This is not a “mainstream” architectural project - rather it is the result of a teamwork composed by experienced professionals, people and organizations (the Italian-Peruvian Aspem NGO and Casas de la Salud) who have been sharing a common vision.

During the project phase there was a careful study concerning the choice of the most appropriate technologies to the context in order to invest a minimum of resources without giving up a durable infrastructure. Hence this is a project of exchange, in which the context is respected by the design of the school so as the schoo

Moca’s technology was applied to the construction of the whole structure of the school, while the architectural design was developed by the Arch. Lionella Biancon, Eng. Carlotta Fabbri and Arch. Cecilia Sommariva.l can be accepted and respected by the community.

The school is part of the outskirts of the village of Villacuri, near Ica. The project Tu Cuna seeks to respect in all its parts the criteria decreed by the national program Cuna Más. The design of the school includes not only the classrooms but also open spaces (courtyards) dedicated to games and entertainment, a kitchen, a dining hall, a resting area and a classroom dedicated to baby nursing. Each space was designed to take into consideration all children’s needs, so that the school becomes primarily a place to meet and interact.

Childhood Education School

Villacurì, Peru

1000 square meters (lot area)


$ 83,000 , corresponding to approximately S/. 220 750 (Peruvian Soles)

Ing. Stefano Pompei, Arch. Leonela Biancon, Ing. Carlotta Fabbri, Arch. Cecilia Sommariva, Group MOCA